Makeup and Workouts

Makeup and Workouts: A Conversation

As women, we all want to look our best, even when hitting the gym or going for a jog. Wearing makeup while working out is a personal choice, and there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. Some experts recommend skipping makeup altogether, while others suggest applying light, water-resistant products. So, what kind of makeup should we wear while working out? Let’s have a two-way conversation to get some answers.

 The Case Against Makeup While Working Out

First off, let’s discuss why some experts recommend not wearing makeup while working out. Sweat and makeup don’t mix well, and can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Furthermore, heavy makeup can cause skin ir

ritation, which may be exacerbated by the heat and friction of physical activity. Removing makeup before exercising can be time-consuming, and even time spent on applying light make-up before a workout can be better spent.

The Case For Light Makeup While Working Out

On the other hand, there are some benefits to wearing light,

water-resistant makeup while working out. A bit of makeup can help some women feel more confident and refreshed, which can lead to more productive workouts. Some light foundation or tinted moisturizers with minimal filling agents can prevent sweat from causing redness and blemishes by controlling hydration levels. Lightweight water-resistant mascaras can endure sweat and tears in work-out situations, ensuring that users appear on point throughout their regimen. With the right product choices, there’s no reason you can’t sweat and look great at the same time.

Some Dos and Don’ts for Wearing Makeup While Working Out

If you choose to wear makeup while working out, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First off, opt for water-resistant and sweat-proof formulas that won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin. Choose lightweight products that provide some coverage without feeling heavy or oily on your skin. The idea is to look fresh, natural and put-together but not overdone. Here are a few dos and don’ts to consider when it comes to wearing makeup while working out:


– Apply lightweight, natural-looking makeup before you work out
– Choose water-resistant and sweat-proof formulas
– Opt for products that contain natural ingredients that are actually beneficial to the skin, like a cooling aloe vera spray
– Use blotting papers, setting powder or spray to keep your makeup in place


– Wear heavy makeup while working out
– Use oily products with filler or comedogenic ingredients that can cause breakouts
– Overdo it with mascara, blush or eyeshadow, keeping your eyes and face low key
– Rub or touch your face while working out, which can create smudges or clog pores

What the Experts Say

Experts have varying opinions when it comes to wearing makeup while working out. Some say to avoid it completely, while others recommend wearing light, sweat-proof products. According to many skincare professionals, the benefits of wearing makeup before exercising usually outweigh any potential downsides, especially for those who want to feel confident in their appearance. However, it’s also important to choose the right products, and to apply them correctly to avoid any potential negative effects. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what kind of makeup to wear while working out based on your skin type, personal preferences, and workout routine.


In the end, whether to wear makeup while working out is a personal decision that depends on factors like practicality, self-confidence, and skincare routine. If you decide to wear makeup while working out, please keep in mind the dos and don’ts we’ve discussed, and choose lightweight, water-resistant products, that won’t have a negative impact on your skin. With the right choices, you’ll be able to look good, feel good, and put your best face forward – even when hitting the gym.